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What is OxyContin, and how does it function?

OxyContin is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain caused due to medical conditions like cancer, and you can Buy OxyContin Online. OxyContin is a class of drugs known as opioid analgesics, which works in the brain to alter how your nervous system (CNS) and entire body feel and respond to pain. OxyContin acts as a nervous system depressant which causes a decrease in heart and breathing rates.

Precautions to be taken while using OxyContin

The dosage prescribed will be based on your medical condition and response to treatment. It is advised not to increase your dosage intake without your doctor’s consultation as that would increase the risk of addiction and overdose, which can even result in death in severe cases. If you suddenly stop using OxyContin, you may face withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, mood changes, thoughts of suicide, sweating, sudden changes in Behaiviour, etc. OxyContin can be habit-forming and addictive, especially if you have a prior history of misuse or abuse of substances.

It is suggested that after you Buy OxyContin Online  you should take it in moderation under the supervision of your prescribing physician. OxyContin causes side effects like dizziness or drowsiness, which can aggravate when mixed with alcohol or cannabis. It is suggested that you don’t operate heavy machinery and abstain from taking alcoholic beverages. Older adults might be more sensitive to the side effects of OxyContin. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are advised only to take OxyContin if necessary as it can harm the unborn child or pass on in the breast milk and cause undesirable side effects in the child.

What are the side effects of using OxyContin?

The common side effects of OxyContin are-

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Constipation
  4. Dry Mouth
  5.  Lightheaded feeling
  6.  Weakness

The severe side effects of OxyContin are-

  1.  Interrupted breathing during sleep
  2.  Mood changes
  3.  Agitation, Confusion or Hallucinations
  4.  Severe stomach/abdominal pain
  5.  Difficulty urinating
  6.  Loss of appetite, weight loss, unusual tiredness
How long does it take OxyContin to function, and how long does it stay in the system?

A single dose of OxyContin works for about 12 hours, and the drug and its metabolites can be detected for longer. OxyContin is Schedule II controlled medication with a high potential for misuse and abuse leading to dependence and overdose. The half-life of OxyContin is 4-5 hours, which means that it takes 4-5 hours for half the dose to be removed from the body, and you can Buy Oxycontin Online.

  • Urine Test – OxyContin can be found in the urine for up to 4 days after the last dose.
  • Blood Test – Since the detection window is much shorter, blood tests aren’t frequently used to determine the presence of OxyContin. However, It can be detected in the blood for up to 24 hours.
  • Saliva Test – OxyContin can be detected in the saliva after three hours of taking the dose and can be found for up to 48 hours after the last amount.
  • Hair Test – OxyContin can be detected in the hair follicle test for a much longer time- 90 days.

The detection factors like age, sex, liver and health function, kidney and health function, and other medication you are on will determine how long OxyContin can be detected in your system.

How to use OxyContin?

Patients should use the higher strength of OxyContin only if they have previously used other opioid medication regularly and in large amounts. It is not recommended to use the extended-release form of OxyContin for short-term pain. You can use OxyContin every 12 hours with or without food after you Buy OxyContin Online. However, if you have nausea, you should take it with food or ask your doctor for other methods to deal with nausea. You should swallow the tablet/capsule whole and not break, crush, chew or dissolve it, which would increase the risk of overdose. It would be best to abstain from eating grapefruit or having grapefruit juice unless your doctor tells you otherwise.